Oppose the 18th Amendment!

This is a sample page of what a People For Liberty Opposing Legislation (PFLOL) page will look like. It’s meant to be a place to gather information about volunteers who want to oppose legislation

The 18th amendment will take away your right to consume alcohol throughout the land. We’re trying to organize people to oppose its ratification! If you agree with this we need you to sign up! Please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to tell you how you can get into the fight!

Legislative volunteer

This Form is to be used to collect legislative volunteers.
  • Why do we need this? We'll be hosting local events to oppose this legislation, and we need to know who to contact if something is going on that's close to you.
  • We'll never sell your email address
  • If there's some other way you can help or there's something else you want us to know, please enter it here.

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